Why should I enrol in a certified Caring for Children course?

In any career, continuous professional development is vital. Completing ongoing training helps you to grow as a professional by gaining new knowledge, reflecting on your experience and mastering new skills to take back into the workplace.

Professional development also demonstrates your passion and commitment to your sector and shows you are dedicated to your chosen career. When working with young children in private, domestic households, earning an OCN-London approved qualification via our course, Caring for Children, caregivers can ensure they are ready for a professional childcare placement.

Gain more confidence

Being a nanny is a huge responsibility, and having a specialized skill set and knowledge as a paid child care provider is essential, as parents trust you with their most precious, most important people in their lives: their children.

Our OCN-London certified Caring for Children course can help prepare you to take on this level of responsibility. By gaining knowledge and understanding on how to reduce and minimise risk and respond to difficult circumstances that occur throughout the day, you will be more confident in your role as a nanny.

Learn how to keep children safe

Our Caring for Children course is designed to introduce nannies to various ways they can help keep children safe in a variety of environments.

This includes spotting and dealing with common childhood illnesses, understanding home safety and how to drive safely with children in the car.

Gaining this knowledge, understanding, and skill set is incredibly valuable as it can help minimise risks to children whilst they are in your care. 

Develop professional judgment

Whilst minimising risk is important, it is impossible to eliminate risk altogether. In fact, introducing children to age-appropriate amounts of risk is important for their development as it helps them to develop their own abilities to assess risky situations.

Caring for Children will help you to develop your professional judgment for managing risk appropriately so that you will be able to balance risks with stimulating activities to encourage children’s development.

Gain knowledge

Gaining an internationally recognized certification from OCN-London and the International Nanny Academy in Caring for Children can help you gain knowledge across several different areas including common childhood illnesses, safety in the home, safe driving practices and planning your day.

Students will gain a theoretical understanding of these issues and will learn how to apply them in practice when faced with similar situations. 

Smoother days

Our certified Caring for Children course will also help you plan out age-appropriate scheduling and routines, allowing you to plan a smooth, stimulating day for children of different ages.

When applied, this knowledge can ease transitions as young children know what to expect, which can lead them to be happier, healthy individuals. 

Increase employability

Completing a certification in Caring for Children is a great way to show potential employers that you take your responsibilities seriously and that you are committed to continually improving your skills and developing your professional knowledge.

All of this will make you a more attractive candidate for a job and ensures that you stand out from other candidates.

The Caring for Children course consists of 4 weekly, in-depth training sessions supplemented with a quiz for checking your understanding.

We also offer an interactive group forum so you can discuss what you are learning with other students in your cohort.

This forum can help foster understanding, learning and personal development on a deeper level. Caring for Children is taught as an online course  100% online and it will take about 60 hours to complete over 8 weeks, giving you a window of time to complete the course and leaving you in control of how and when you study.

If you like what you’ve read about our Caring for Children course and think it might be a good fit for your professional development, visit our website at www.international-nanny.institute!

We can’t wait to have you on board!

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