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Are you looking for an experienced, qualified, career nanny, governess, or maternity nurse? You’re in the right place! At International Nanny, we work with the finest candidates worldwide, all possessing the background, experience, and ability to help alleviate your child care concerns and foster a smoother, thriving family life.

Are you keen to hire an experienced, qualified professional nanny, governess, or maternity nurse? You’re in the right place! At International Nanny, we work with the finest candidates worldwide, all possessing the background, experience, and ability to help alleviate your child care concerns and foster a smoother, thriving family life.

Looking to hire an experienced, qualified and bilingual nanny, governess, or maternity nurse? We’ll work to find the candidate that best suits your parent’s needs.

How it works:

We work hard to ensure that our nannies meet
the highest standards.
We collaborate with the top professionals, consistently upholding the highest standards.

We work with the best and always ensure our nannies meet  the highest standards.

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All of our nannies are pre-screened and hand-selected for your specific job requirements and the needs of your parents. We also offer advice and support during the selection process to make sure your nanny has the perfect skill set for your child.

Each of our nannies undergoes meticulous pre-screening and is hand-selected to precisely align with the unique specifications of every job requirement, ensuring a seamless match with a family’s needs. Our discerning selection process includes expert guidance and support to enhance the matching procedure, guaranteeing that every nanny possesses the ideal skill set for your child.

Our vetting process includes carefully checking each nanny’s strengths, qualifications, experience and personality to match them closely to your child’s level of development and individual needs, so we can build a lasting relationship between your parents and your new nanny.

Our team of childcare specialists undertakes a thorough vetting process, assessing each candidate’s strengths, qualifications, experience, and personality to ensure their suitability for the role. This comprehensive screening allows us to precisely match the right professional with your child’s developmental and individual needs. It is through this detailed approach that we foster enduring relationships between families and their new nanny.

Why choose International Nanny?

A thorough assessment of your needs prior to and during placement

Access to available, fully scanned candidates

Help and assistance in interviewing candidates

Templates of employment contracts

An induction programme for the newly placed nanny

Confidentiality agreements

A two-month free replacement policy

Why choose International Nanny?

Comprehensive evaluation of your family's needs before and during placement

Exclusive access to a premium selection of fully vetted, high-calibre candidates

Support and guidance throughout the candidate interviewing process

Professionally crafted templates for employment contracts

Proven and refined on-boarding programme to seamlessly integrate a new nanny into your household

Strict adherence to confidentiality agreements

Our commitment is backed by a two-month free replacement policy

Elevate your childcare experience with International Nanny — your trusted child care partner.

Domestic childcare providers.

Types of Childcare Providers


Nannies, distinguished as qualified childcare providers, deliver expert care and educational development for children aged from birth to seven years. Possessing backgrounds in child development, nanny training, or teaching, our qualified nannies are available on a part-time or full-time basis. Our professionals can be employed as live-in or live-out childcare providers, accommodating the unique domestic circumstances and preferences of parents with utmost professionalism.


Sometimes, parents will need you to handle household tasks alongside your nanny duties in a combined nanny-housekeeper role. This can include cleaning, tidying, laundry, preparing meals, and school drop-off and pick-up. Nanny housekeepers are often employed once children are at school age, as this leaves time for the nanny to complete household tasks during school hours.


A governess is dedicated to the educational development of their charge. Possessing a background in education, governesses are adept at imparting knowledge and skills tailored to specific curricula for distinct age groups of students.

Maternity nurse

Maternity nurses, esteemed for their dedicated expertise, provide comprehensive support to new mothers including breastfeeding guidance, nappy changes, meticulous cleanliness, and establishment of home routines. Beyond nurturing newborns, they extend their care to the well-being of the new mother, offering invaluable support, particularly in cases of postnatal depression. Typically engaged for a duration of two weeks to two months, maternity nurses operate on a 24/6 basis, ensuring the highest standard of care for both mother and baby

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Top-tier nannies you can trust.
Our fees:

Professional, top-tier nannies you can trust.
Our fees:

Full-time nanny (1 yr plus)

10% Net annual salary

Domestic Full Time Nanny
( UK and Spain)

10% annual salary

Part-time Nanny or Temp

20% annual salary

Maternity Nurse

20% annual salary

Night nanny

20% Net annual salary

International Nanny

20% annual salary
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Encountering challenges as a parent is a natural part of the journey, and at International Nanny, we appreciate the nuances of this experience. If you find yourself grappling with parenting concerns and seek expert support and advice, kindly complete the form below to register for a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a member of our affable team. Benefit from a Free Consultation with International Nanny.

Facing challenges as a parent is a natural part of the journey, and at International Nanny, we understand the intricacies of this experience. If you’re navigating parenting concerns and in need of expert support and professional advice, International Nanny now offers consultancy services. Share your stories with us, and our team of childcare experts will be there to provide you with the childcare support that you need.

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