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Looking to hire an experienced, qualified and bilingual nanny, governess, or maternity nurse? We’ll work to find the candidate that best suits your parent’s needs.

Here’s how it works:

We work hard to ensure that our nannies meet
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All of our nannies are pre-screened and hand-selected for your specific job requirements and the needs of your parents. We also offer advice and support during the selection process to make sure your nanny has the perfect skill set for your child.

Our vetting process includes carefully checking each nanny’s strengths, qualifications, experience and personality to match them closely to your child’s level of development and individual needs, so we can build a lasting relationship between your parents and your new nanny.

Why choose International Nanny?

A thorough assessment of your needs prior to and during placement

Access to available, fully scanned candidates

Help and assistance in interviewing candidates

Templates of employment contracts

An induction programme for the newly placed nanny

Confidentiality agreements

A two-month free replacement policy

Domestic childcare providers.


As a nanny, your job is to be a qualified child care provider. Usually, qualified nannies are trained to provide care and educational development for children from birth to seven years of age and you may also have a background in child development, nanny training, or teaching. Each job will be different, so you may be employed on a live-in or live-out basis depending on the domestic circumstances and preferences of the parents.


Sometimes, parents will need you to handle household tasks alongside your nanny duties in a combined nanny-housekeeper role. This can include cleaning, tidying, laundry, preparing meals, and school drop-off and pick-up. Nanny housekeepers are often employed once children are at school age, as this leaves time for the nanny to complete household tasks during school hours.


A governess is a specialised type of nanny who focuses on teaching and educating the children they work with. As a governess, you’ll likely have a background in education and teaching, and have experience delivering a curriculum to particular age groups of students.

Maternity nurse

Maternity nurses support new mothers with everything from breastfeeding and nappy changes to cleanliness and home routines. A maternity nurse cares for the newborn and also cares for the new mother. As a maternity nurse, you may also be needed to help in case of post-natal depression. A maternity nurse usually works with newborn babies for around two weeks - two months old, and on a 24/6 basis.

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Our fees:

Full-time nanny (1 yr plus)

10% Net annual salary

Domestic Full time nanny
( UK and Spain)

10% annual salary

Part-time nanny or temp

20% annual salary

Maternity nurse

20% annual salary

Night nanny

20% Net annual salary

International nanny

20% annual salary
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