Our Ethical

Our Promise to You

With International Nanny, you’re in the hands of a truly ethical nanny agency.
No matter how long you spend with us, you can expect our utmost care,
respect and responsibility.
Naturally, your individual needs are at the heart of all our interactions.
This includes you as a nanny or parent, and the children receiving care
from our nannies. This is why we promise to reflect our ethical commitments
so you receive the amazing service you expect and deserve.
Adapting to a family’s day-to-day routines can be taxing for a new nanny. And we know that this can be difficult for the family, too. At International Nanny, we make this transition a smooth process for every family that requests our services. We provide parents (both old and new) with professional nannies who can integrate seamlessly into your home life, and reduce your workload from the first day. To do this, we only work with the most qualified and carefully vetted nannies available, and use our knowledge and expertise to help make sure they’re fully prepared before they walkthrough the door.


Although there are many types of childcare, your job as a professional nanny requires special skills and it also carries an enormous responsibility. We’ll help you to understand and develop these attributes, and reward you fairly with earnings based on your experience and qualifications. At every step of your journey, you’ll have our full support so you can carry out each job effectively and with dignity.


Encouraging patience, understanding and comfort between a nanny, their family, and the children in their care makes for a better working environment for everyone. Nannies deserve fair pay and respected contracts, including rest time and paid holidays. And in turn, families deserve a nanny they can trust to take on their tasks effectively and without putting a burden on the family. To maintain this healthy balance, we do everything we can to support both the nanny and the family, and act as a go-between if anything doesn’t feel right.


It’s vitally important to foster harmony between nannies and families. We understand that different families have different needs, and the same is true for the nannies. So we don’t use a one-sizefits-all approach, and take time to gather important information and get to know our families and nannies alike. Because of our unique recruitment system, we can matchmake the right nannies with the right families.
Five Traits of a Super Nanny



As a nanny agency, we like to be hands on. This means that, as parents, you’ll always be able to contact us for support before, during and after working with our nannies.This is done with discretion and confidentiality using our expert customer service team, and is always tailored to your unique needs as a family.


If you’re a part of our network of nannies, you’ll have full access to our support team for any answers and updates you’re looking for. At every step, we want you to feel safe, happy, valued and secure. You’ll have access to useful employment information and guidance through any necessary legal requirements for your role. And to help you push your career even further, our International Nanny Academy is there to help you raise your standards and empower yourself with fresh skills and abilities.


The right qualifications and experience can turn a great nanny into an exceptional one. Through our International Nanny Academy, we’ll help you identify any potential gaps in your knowledge, and coach you to make sure you’re perfectly prepared for your next role. We offer a range of courses from pediatric first aid to advanced diplomas. Please check out the full list of courses at:

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