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Why should I complete an OCN-London Certified Course?

Published on: Wed 26, October, 2022

The internet is a great tool for professional development with plenty of blogs, information sites, videos and even courses available. So if you are thinking about taking one of the International Nanny Institute’s courses designed specifically with nannies in mind, you might be wondering how being certified by OCN-London benefits you. Here are some of the ways that our accreditation by OCN- London benefits you as a student and as a nanny:

Quality assurance

All of the courses at International Nanny Institute are certified by OCN-London, a UK national not-for-profit awarding body that creates and awards qualifications. OCN-London qualifications are internationally recognised and ensure that you will receive recognition for your learning from a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation. OCN London quality assures the content and assessment of courses developed in this way and issues a record of achievement to learners who successfully complete the accredited bespoke course. This benefits learners in many ways, for example:

  • There is extensive quality assurance by a national awarding organisation of both course content and assessment
  • OCN London works with providers to ensure that bespoke course that are tailor made to meet learner requirements
  • Learners who successfully complete a course receive from OCN London a record of achievement.

Developed specifically for nannies

Whilst our courses are quality assured and accredited by OCN London, they are written by professionals in the field. OCN-London has partnered with us to develop qualifications that meet the specific needs of our students. The International Nanny Institute  courses have been written by a team of experts who are committed to maintaining high standards and staying up-to-date in the field of childcare. Having worked as nannies themselves, our experts apply their academic knowledge to your role as a nanny, which ensures you are provided with relevant, practical advice.  This means that the courses have been tailor-made for nannies and will also be well suited to their day-to-day work.

A record of your achievement

OCN-London makes sure that all students receive a meaningful certificate acknowledging the completion of the course they have attended. This ensures that you maintain a record of your achievement for yourself and to evidence your qualification to others.

Internationally recognised

OCN-London is an internationally recognised accrediting board, which means that wherever you go in the world, your qualification will be recognised and taken seriously. This is especially relevant for nannies who move or travel worldwide, but can be just as important for nannies staying in their home country too. With so many different qualifications available, having one accredited by an internationally recognised board like OCN-London can help to reassure employers that you have studied and earned a credible and worthwhile qualification.

If these benefits make you feel that studying with the International Nanny Institute to gain an OCN-London certified course is right for you, then find out more about our courses here.

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