How to register as a Nanny:

Download the pdf guide

or follow the steps:

Read the contents of the page and scroll down.

You will see the list of vacancies offered. In each vacancy, you can see the: Job Title, Reference, Salary, and Start Date.

If a certain offer attracts you, click “Apply Now” found in the box where you want to apply.

A new page will pop up asking for your email address and password. If you haven’t registered yet, click “Register Here” found below the page.

You must remember to fill out the form correctly. The details needed are:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email
    (Use an active email address.)
  • Repeat Email
    (Just copy the email address you provided above.)
  • Phone Country Code
    (You only have to put the prefix of your mobile number. Do not include your mobile number because the system won’t accept it.)
    Below are examples of country codes:
    Spain: +34
    United Kingdom: +44
    Italy: +39
    Germany: +49
    France: +33
    Switzerland: +41
    Netherlands: +31
    Greece: +30
    Poland: +48
    Norway: +47
  • Phone Number
    (Only your mobile number is needed. Do not include the country code.)
  • Attach Your CV Document.
    (Bear in mind that the maximum file size is 4MB. If the file is too large, it won’t be attached. The CV that you will upload must be the updated version. At the very least, your CV should include the following sections: contact information, CV profile, work experience, education, and skills. If you wish to include good additional sections, you can include: certifications, associations, languages, training/courses/conferences, publications, awards, and references.)
  • Attach Your Photo
    (Maximum file size is 4MB. Use a headshot photo. Try to look friendly but professional. Your picture should be recent with a neutral background.)
  • Password
    (You can use symbols, numbers, and letters. Do not forget the password that you enter because it will be needed when you want to log-in in to the website.)
  • Confirm Password
    (Just retype the password above. They should match.)

Check all the information if they are correct. Once everything is accurate, click “Register as a nanny”.

After hitting the “Register as nanny” button, a new message will appear on your screen.

To complete your registration, check your email inbox using the email address you provided when you registered.

If you can’t see the email in your inbox, try checking your spam or junk folder.

Once you have already found an email from International Nanny Team in your inbox or spam/junk folder, you are tasked to click the link or hit the “Verify Email Address”.

You will be brought to your account page where you can log in and finish your registration. From there, you can update your nanny profile with any requested documents and pertinent data.

Provide your email and password in the boxes supplied.

Tick “Remember me”.

Click “Log In”.

The first thing that you will see is your Personal Data section. In this part, if you want to change your uploaded profile image, you are allowed to do it.

Your First Name and Surname are automatically filled in the boxes. If you misspelled it, you can modify it.

You have to provide the following data such as:

  • Address (Include the street name and building number. You may also add the floor and door number if you have them.)
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Country
    (You don’t need to type the country. There is a drop-down selector provided. Once you have found the country you’re residing in, just click it.)
  • Phone Prefix or Country Code
  • Phone Without Prefix or Country Code
  • Whatsapp Number (If Different)
  • Gender
    (Click the drop-down selector and select an option: female, male, and rather not say.)
  • Date of Birth
    (A calendar will appear. Choose your birthdate by clicking the months, year, and date.)
  • Nationality
    (Use the drop-down selector. Once you have searched your nationality, just click it.)
  • First Language
    (Use the drop-down selector. Choose your first language from the options.)
  • Other Languages
    (For every language you speak, use a comma to separate each.)
  • First Aid Certificate
    (Use the drop-down selector and select one of the options.)
  • Childcare Certificate
    (Use the drop-down selector. Choose between yes and no.)
  • Childcare Qualification
    (Write the childcare qualification you have. This can be a qualification you obtained from finishing short or long courses, diploma programs, and skills training.)
  • What Level of Education Do You Have?
    (Answers can be: elementary, high school, technical-vocational, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree in college, master’s degree in graduate school, and a doctorate in post- graduate studies.)
  • Driver
    (Use the drop-down selector and choose between yes and no.)
  • Years of Experience Working with Children
    (You only have to write the number.)
  • Years of Experience Working as a Nanny
    (Just type the number of years.)
  • Click “Update”.

In the top right of the page, click the icon. Options such as My Account, Personal Data, Education, Competencies, References, Documents, Open Vacancies, My Applications, Help & Feedback, and Logout will appear.

Hit the “Education” option and click “New Entry”.

For the Education Level, click “Select level” and choose the level you have.

Type the school/college/university name you have attended.

Provide the information needed in the boxes for:
  • City
  • From Year
  • To Year

Click “Save”.

Tap the top-right icon and click “competencies”.

Complete the competency assessment so that we can match your skills, knowledge, and performance against pre-defined benchmarks and competencies needed to work as a nanny.

You need to accomplish the assessment by answering 23 competencies. To answer, click the pencil icon found beside every after competence.

Once you have selected response in every competence, click “Continue”.

If you have already finished answering the assessment form, be sure to check if your responses appeared on the form.

Scroll up and tap the icon found at the top right corner. Choose “References”.

Kindly note that to access our open vacancies, you need a minimum of two (2) references. The references that you will provide are for agency use only. References are a list of people you have worked with in the past who can vouch for your expertise and work ethic. You may choose to include at least two individuals who know you well enough to discuss your experience and are happy to speak with our agency about this information.

To add a reference, click “New Reference”. It is mandatory to fill in the data needed in the boxes such as:
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Phone Prefix or Country Code (Example: +34)
  • Phone
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Position

Click “Save”. A reference that is successfully saved will appear in your References section. To add another reference, repeat the process mentioned above.

Tap the icon in the top right corner again and choose “Documents”.

You will automatically see the CV you attached when you registered. Click “Upload new document”. In doing this, you have to select the type of document you wish to attach. The options are CV, passport, DBS, reference, competencies, and others. Keep in mind that the documents you upload here can be accessed by prospective families. You may also include reference letters from your previous employers.

How to apply for open vacancies:

Enter your email and password.

Tick “Remember me” and click “Log in”.

Tap the icon found at the top right corner and choose “Open vacancies”.

You will have the list of all the vacancies we offer. Once you have chosen a specific vacancy you are interested in to apply, click “View details”.

If the expected competencies and requirements are met, click “Apply for this vacancy”. Please note that once you apply, we will send you an invitation for a call so keep checking your email.

These are obligatory to validate your profile and get a link to an interview:

  • Add a photo and fill in the required fields in the profile data section.
  • Attach your CV and any other documents in the documents section.
  • Include a minimum of two references with the respective information.

Only the candidates who sent their applications on the website will be accepted and processed. Applications submitted via email and other forms are not entertained.

We sincerely appreciate the effort you exerted in reading and understanding the step-by-step process to join our agency and apply for open vacancies. With much excitement, we are positive that you will find a family that matches your abilities and capabilities.


Warm regards,
International Nanny Team