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International Nanny Institute Course: Paediatric First Aid

Published on: Wed 16, February, 2022

When working with children, having first aid knowledge can help you react well in an emergency, and this can make all the difference. Having a first aid qualification is a highly desirable or essential requirement when parents are recruiting a nanny, as it shows your commitment and dedication to their child’s safety and wellbeing. Besides, it offers you and the family peace of mind. 

What is First Aid?

First Aid is the immediate care and assistance that is provided to a person that has suffered a minor or serious illness or injury.

Instructor teaching First Aid.


People decide to get trained in First Aid in order to be prepared for any accident or emergency situation. Paediatric First Aid training courses are focused on child and infant primary and secondary care, and are usually required in domestic care roles.

Paediatric First Aid

A paediatric first aid course covers various types of serious injuries, how to assess them and the appropriate protocol to follow before medical attention arrives, if needed. Where there is no need for medical attention, a first aid qualification offers you the steps to deal with minor injuries safely.

The International Nanny Institute First Aid Course follows the standard and general first aid curriculum and covers: 

  • Understanding emergencies
  • Primary Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Emergency preparedness

After taking the course, you will have a firm understanding of First Aid procedures, with special focus on babies and children. 

CPR and First Aid

The course touches on CPR skills and how to use them in life-threatening situations. The International Nanny Institute Paediatric First Aid Course does not provide formal CPR certification as additional in-depth and in-person training is imperative. Nonetheless, learning CPR procedures and understanding how CPR works, are valuable tools that can help assist with emergencies until professional medical assistance arrives.

The International Nanny Institute Paediatric First Aid Course follows the generic curriculum and for those working with children and babies, this can either be your first certificate in First Aid, or it can serve as a renewal course to keep the information fresh in your mind to be prepared for any emergency. Please note that the First Aid Certificate should be renewed periodically.

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Paediatric First Aid Course at International Nanny Institute

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