The Importance of Having a Nanny

Published on: Mon 22, February, 2021

Many parents around the globe rely on their nannies and swear by them. For busy parents, being able to depend on a nanny to handle tasks like school or nursery pick-ups and drop-offs can save a lot of time, and also takes the pressure off of friends and relatives who would otherwise be asked to help. With access to a qualified nanny, you can expect less strain on your daily schedule – meaning you’ll have more time to see to your daily tasks knowing that your children are in safe hands. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a professional nanny:

Nanny and child spending time together
Nanny and child spending time together

1.Safety and Security:

Finding a nanny can be a relatively easy task, however finding one that is well-experienced and qualified is another matter entirely.Hiring a nanny through a trustworthy organisation can help to solve a great many problems relating to childcare. With help from an agency, they’ll be able to help you find reputable nannies who have undertaken specialist training including first aid, caring for children of all ages, and how to keep your home safe and secure.This means you’re much more likely to find a long-term nanny that you can trust and develop a bond with.

2.One-to-One Care and Attention:

The best nannies are ones that can automatically tune into your child’s needs, as well as your own. This kind of bond comes from a long-term relationship between you and the nanny, and a natural intuition that develops over time. During times when you may be too busy to give your child your full attention, this is exactly what a nanny will be able to provide. This means your child has someone who is entirely dedicated to their needs and has the time to organise activities, games, and care tasks without needing your constant input.

3.Stay at Home:

With the nanny, the child can stay at home itself. The child’s schedule can very much be followed at home, and this can allow the child to go through the day at its own pace.


While most nannies will have a set schedule and working hours, you may also be able to discuss ad-hoc childcare with your nanny at times. For example, if you have a last-minute meeting scheduled, or even wish to take your partner on a much-needed date – your nanny may be able to step in to care for your children when you need them.

Families with access to a nanny often find they have a much healthier work-life balance, especially knowing that their children’s needs are being seen to. This kind of flexibility can be invaluable to parents who want to strike a better balance between home life,their career, exercise, leisure, and parenting, too.

5.More time with the child:

It may sound surprising, but having access to a nanny can often mean you have more quality time with your child. This is because the nanny can take care of your children while you tackle your working week and any personal tasks – which means that once you’ve clocked off, you’re completely free to spend time with your children without distraction.

A certified and experienced nanny can also work in sync with your schedule so you can find your balance and make the most of your time.