Summer Activities for Young Children

Summer Activities for Young Children

Published on: Tue 20, June, 2023

Summer is a season for outdoor exploration, fun and adventure! With the sun shining and the sky clear, there are so many exciting activities that nannies can do with their charges that promote outdoor exploration, physical activity, and creativity. In this article, we will provide ideas for fun outdoor summer activities for young children that nannies can use to keep their charges entertained and happy.

Water Activities

Summer Activities for Young Children

Summer is the season for water activities! From swimming to water balloon fights and everything in between, children love to play in water. Some fun water activities that nannies can organise for their charges include taking them to a pool, organising a sprinkler or water slide, or creating a bubble pool. Ensure to make sure to supervise them closely and follow safety guidelines as per safety standards.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great way to involve children in outdoor activities and teach them about the natural world. Nannies can create fun challenges that involve identifying different plants or insects, which can help develop cognitive and observational skills. They can also include finding items for their summer bucket list, such as finding an interesting natural object or scavenging for a specific sound or colour. Give them a list of items to find and set them loose!

Outdoor Film Nights

Outdoor film nights are a fun way to enjoy a warm summer evening under the stars with the family. Nannies can set up an outdoor film screen in the backyard or park, and have a cosy picnic while watching the film. This activity promotes family bonding, relaxation, and leisure. It’s a good idea to ensure the children carry warm clothes or blankets for their comfort.

Nature Walks and Hikes

Summer Activities for Young Children

Nature walks and hikes are a great way for children to engage in outdoor activities and learn about nature. Nannies can take their charges on a guided walk, pointing out different plants and animals, and teaching them about the importance of protecting the environment. They can also have unguided walks where they can wander leisurely and find their own discoveries.

Outdoor Art Activities

Summer Activities for Young Children

Art activities provide children with an opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination. Nannies can organise fun outdoor art activities such as painting rocks, creating pavement art, or decorating flower pots that encourage them to express themselves and develop their artistic skills. This activity can also help children relax and reduce stress levels.

Garden Camping

Garden camping is a fun way for children to experience the great outdoors without leaving home. Nannies can set up a tent and other camping gear in the back garden, and have a barbecue dinner or s’mores session with the family. This activity promotes children’s resourcefulness and helps them develop basic outdoor skills.

Summer Activities for Young Children

Making and Flying Kites

Flying kites in the park or the beach is a fun way to enjoy a warm summer day. Nannies can help children make their unique kites using paper, sticks, and string, and teach them how to fly them. This activity promotes creativity and outdoor fun.

Community Service Projects

Summer is an excellent opportunity for nannies and children to engage in community service projects that promote social responsibility and good values. Nannies can organise rubbish clean-up projects at the beach, playing field or elsewhere in the community to teach the importance of keeping the environment and community clean while fostering a sense of accountability.

Bike Rides

Summer Activities for Young Children

Bike rides are a fun way for children to explore the area and also promote physical activity. Nannies can organise a bike ride around the neighbourhood or in a nearby park, ensuring that children wear helmets and follow safety guidelines. It’s also a great opportunity for them to balance and perfect the skill of cycling.

Outdoor Science Activities

Summer can be a great opportunity for children to learn about and engage in science activities that promote critical thinking and observation. Nannies can organise fun outdoor science experiments such as creating an ant farm, making a homemade volcano, or discovering a firefly’s underground sleep location, which can help develop cognitive ability and curiosity.

Music, Dance, and Movement

Music, dance, and movement activities are a fun and engaging way to promote physical activity and self-expression during the summer. Nannies can organise dance parties, outdoor karaoke, or even make a backyard stage to encourage children to explore their talents of music and drama.

Outdoor Cooking

Summer is the perfect opportunity to get creative and have some fun while cooking meals outdoors. Nannies can organise fun outdoor cooking activities like having a barbecue, making s’mores, and even making homemade pizza, to develop cooking skills and foster creativity among the children.

Summer is a season of exploration, enjoyment, and discovery for young children, and it offers ample outdoor activities to keep children engaged and happy. Nannies can organise water activities, outdoor scavenger hunts, music, dance, and movement activities, nature walks and hikes, outdoor art activities, backyard camping, outdoor cooking, and community service projects, ensuring that the children have a lot of new experiences and opportunities for learning and fun. 

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