Nanny and toddlers doing a fun activity

Nanny vs. Babysitter, What are the Differences?

Published on: Fri 08, October, 2021

There are two similar childcare roles that can often be misunderstood or people may not really know what they consist of. Both positions are subject to stereotypes, however, they are quite different. These two roles are Nanny and Babysitter. We have highlighted a number of distinctions that may assist you when looking for the childcare that best suits your family. 

Timings and Work Hours

One of the first differences between a nanny and a babysitter is their schedule and the hours they work. Nannies tend to work full-time for a family, which is approximately 40 hours a week, and they tend to work consistently and routinely with one family. Of course/Nonetheless, there are nannies who work part-time as well.

On the other hand, babysitters are usually “on call” and work for families as they are needed,they typically work few hours at a time and for various families.

Responsibilities and Duties

Nannies provide a more hands-on role to a family than a babysitter. For instance, a nanny’s responsibilities can include homework help, cooking and preparing meals, laundry, pick-up and drop-off to school and activities, washing-up, creating daily schedules and playing with the children. They work closely with the parents to adapt to the different parenting styles and they care for the child’s emotional development and wellbeing.

Babysitting can be considered a “lighter” job, where babysitters usually supervise play, keep children safe and keep an eye on them for a short period of time.

Certificates, Education and Experience

Nannies who have decided to make it their career path and do the job professionally have some sort of an advanced background. For instance, they may have extensive experience working as a nanny, degrees in teaching, education or child psychology. They also take courses and obtain certificates and overall build their knowledge in childcare. Check out our Institute where we offer numerous courses to increase your marketability and upskill your nanny career.

Babysitting on the other hand is considered more of an entry-level job in childcare, where babysitters have basic knowledge and understanding of childcare, they know basic CPR and first aid.

For both positions, whether it be nannying or babysitting, there must be constant communication between the parents and the employee to establish a proper work agreement and to properly communicate what the families’ needs are.