Five Characteristics of a Super Nanny

Published on: Tue 20, April, 2021

Working as a nanny is no easy job. You are expected to be fun yet responsible, prepared yet flexible, funny but appropriate, alongside a great many other things. But what makes a nanny super? Let us walk you through the different traits of an exceptional child care provider.

1. Accountable 

Above all things, a nanny must be accountable. You need to be responsible for carrying out the tasks listed explicitly on your contract, as well as a number of others that are naturally expected of you. An accountable nanny can be trusted with their decision-making. You may need to be prepared to be flexible, as there may be times that the parent needs your services outside your typical hours. As a professional nanny, you’ll be expected to communicate openly with your employer to make sure you’re both bringing the best care possible to the child

Five Traits of a Super Nanny
Nanny changing the baby’s nappy


When a nanny is driven, this means that they can be proactive in the way they deliver their care. Instead of waiting for each instruction, you will learn to take the initiative when it comes to chores, activities, and keeping the children in your care safe, entertained, and well looked after. This shows your employer that you are a nanny that can be trusted, and have your priorities in good order


Another sign of an exceptional nanny is in their ability to handle any situation. This could include cases where accidents or injury might occur, and so knowing how to perform first aid is a vital skill. You should be equipped emotionally and mentally to help a child learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment. This also means thinking carefully about what you say and do to maintain a high professional standard of care at all times


A nanny with a positive demeanour is one who also has the energy needed to get through their day with enthusiasm and dedication. You’ll spend time research fun and educational activities for the kids in your care. Bringing good energy and creativity to your role is something that will shine through to your employer and their children – and you’ll notice the same from them in return


Grounded not as in punished, but as in down to earth. If you are grounded, then as a nanny you are connected to what’s going on around you. You take the time to learn the idiosyncrasies of each child, and tailor your care to their needs. The same goes for your employer, too – the more aware you are of their needs and expectations, the better you’ll be able to provide the right kind of childcare to suit everyone involved. Being level-headed and observant will also help in situations that need discipline or a slightly firmer hand, and help to make sure each day and each routine goes smoothly.

The role of a nanny is very different to many other types of carers. Your job, when done well, means you’ll find yourself becoming  part of the family unit, and an indispensable member whom your employer and the children can trust. By doing your best to approach each day with these traits in mind, you’ll not only become a better nanny, but also making sure that you, the children, and your employer get the best possible experience from your placement. This is what makes a nanny truly super.