Tips to help nannies save and earn

5 Practical Tips to Help Nannies Save and Earn

Published on: Tue 02, May, 2023

You have to face it: there will be times that you will be getting a job that does not pay much. “Why not leave?” would be other people’s first opinion of it, but you know it’s not that easy. It could be because you have already been attached to the family, or the job, despite the pay, gives you a big career advance such as opportunities to learn and to broaden your network. 

So what are you to do in a situation like this? There are 2 practical answers: Save and Earn. Let us give you 5 tips on how nannies can save and earn!

  1. Prepare Your Own Coffee
Tips to help nannies save and earn. Prepare your own coffee.

There are some of us who rely on caffeine to function. We are lucky if our employers allow us to use their coffee. However, there will be a point when doing so is embarrassing, especially if you are a heavy coffee drinker. So what do you do? Stop resorting to Starbucks or any other coffee joint! Get yourself a travelling coffee mug and prepare your own coffee from home!

  1. Bring Your Own Food and Limit Dining Out/Dine Out Smart
Tips to help nannies save and earn. Make your dinner.

Bringing your food not only helps you with your budget, but it also practices your creativity in coming up with delicious yet economical meal plans! You can search the internet for meals that are hearty and practical. You can even create bento boxes that are fun to look at and create! Bringing your own food gives you control over your weekly budget.

When it comes to dining out with your buddies, why not go for other activities such as hiking, biking, or having picnics at the park? Stop partying if you can’t afford it!

  1. Do An Online Garage Sale
Tips to help nannies save and earn. Garage sale.

Gather the things that you are no longer using but are still in good condition. Live by the saying that one person’s dustbin be another’s treasure! There may still be people that can benefit from the things that you are no longer using. Take a good photo of them and post them on your social media site! Arrange meet-ups, pop-up store, or even do shipping!

  1. Do A Savings Challenge
Tips to help nannies save and earn.

For guidelines and ideas, you can check Pinterest! These savings challenge can vary from a penny-a-day progression to a dollar-a-day commitment. All you need is a big enough jar to hold the coins or bills and a strong sense of temperance to stop yourself from getting the funds halfway through! These challenges can even earn you up to 600 USD! 

  1. Blog or Offer Freelance Work
Tips to help nannies save and earn. Write a blog.

There are websites where you can offer your writing services for a price. You can write tips on how you go by as a nanny, or consolidate life hacks that you have proven useful in your everyday life. This is a nice way to release stress at the same time, earns you a good amount! Establish a blog and learn SEO. There is an endless opportunity in writing online!

Saving and earning on the side is a good thing to get by while doing what you love.  Remember to save and earn with the tips we have listed above!   

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