International Nanny Institute Quality Policy

The International Nanny Institute Academic Quality Policy is to promote knowledge; raise standards in domestic childcare assure the quality of learning opportunities and empower our students with qualifications and state of the art teaching.

The International Nanny Institute approach to quality management is about continuous improvement in teaching and delivering programmes.

We promote equal opportunities and have methods in place to guarantee fair and consistent marking. There are approved processes for validation and we review our policies every year.

The International Nanny Institute is accountable to its stakeholders for the quality and standards of its academic provision and awards. The Academic Board has overall accountability for the quality of academic provision.

The International Nanny Institute provides surveys to monitor the student satisfaction and seeks feedback from the teaching staff and student cohorts.

Staff is expected to engage in reflective practice and critical self-evaluation. Sharing of good practice and regular communication with the director of studies.

The International Nanny Institute is committed to responding in a timely manner to the views of all stakeholders, including students, staff, external examiners, and other educational bodies

The International Nanny Institute quality policy is approved by the quality committee, and reviewed on a yearly basis.