Family Premium Consultancy

Guiding You to Excellence: Premium Expertise and Top-Tier Family Support.

Are you seeking expert support to transform and regain control of your busy family life? Are you craving a tailored solution to manage your demanding daily routine? Let us show you the way!

With our Family Premium Consultancy service, we specialize in offering top-tier childcare and family solutions meticulously designed to cater to the unique demands of high-profile families leading busy lives.

Our dedicated team of childcare experts, seasoned in catering to highprofile families, is here to be your beacon of balance. From organizing your daily routine to nurturing familial bonds, we are your partners in crafting the life you've always envisioned.

Our Process

We meet your family ’s needs by providing expert guidance and advice when you need support with the inevitable ups and downs of family life. We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and from there, painstakingly craft a bespoke solution that fits your situation.
By combining in-home observations, a comprehensive assessment, and bespoke solutions, our experts can address persistent issues and challenges that may have arisen.
This premium offering is delivered by Brenda Vazquez-Heredia of BVH Kids and Zaida Rodrigo Perez(Founder of International Nanny) making it a highly exclusive service delivered by the leaders of both organizations.

Conducting a comprehensive analysis and observation of your daily schedules, routines, and lifestyle allows our experts to deliver top-notch bespoke family services in a customised, efficient manner. Our specifically tailored family plan addresses your needs directly. When
combined with our personalised concierge services and ongoing, direct, clear, and individualised guidance, it ensures that you can meet
the demands of your lifestyle while ensuring your children are well supported to flourish.

We work with you every step of the way to assist you and your family in reaching resolutions!
We provide child-related concierge services to help you manage the day-today tasks that come with raising a family.

What You Get with Our Service

Personalised Assessment Visit

Our experts undertake a 5 to 10-day visit, during which we engage in consultations with your family to create a personalised assessment.

Assessment of Family Needs

Following the observation, we conduct a thorough assessment of your family's unique needs.

In-Home Observation

We commence our process with an in-home observation, meticulously examining your family dynamics and daily routines.

Tailored Plan Creation

Within 48 hours after the conclusion of our visit and evaluation, we craft a bespoke plan designed to prevent and resolve any emerging concerns

Ongoing Tailored Support

We provide continuous tailored support to ensure the effective implementation of the proposed solutions.

Round-the-Clock Guidance

Our dedicated team is available 24 hours a day to provide comprehensive guidance, empowering parents to support their children effectively as they grow.

Customised Packages

Each package we offer, along with the guidance and support provided, is uniquely tailored to your specific circumstances. Therefore, total prices are subject to variation depending on your situation.

Ready to create a positive transformation in your family’s life? Begin your journey with International Nanny – BVH Kids Consulting. Because Your Family Deserves Only the Best!

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