Parent Consultancy Service

Timely, relevant advice so you and your family can thrive

Nurturing familial relationships, and empowering parents to raise their children confidently and compassionately, is what International Nanny is all about.

The ups and downs of family life can be difficult, leaving parents feeling overwhelmed and confused. This is entirely natural.

Having a trusted professional on hand at times like these is crucial.

That is where International Nanny comes in. We have teamed up with BVH Kids, to offer the latest of our tailored consultancy services for families. BVH Kids is the creation of clinical psychologist, family and childcare expert, and PhD-educated Brenda Vazquez-Heredia. Brenda has extensive experience in children’s wellbeing, familial relationships and working with international families and nannies. Thanks to this knowledge, she is ideally placed to provide sound advice, reliable guidance, and family-centred support.

This latest consultancy service means families can benefit from BVH Kids and International Nanny’ 's combined expertise, offering one-to-one assistance covering all family-related areas! This latest consultancy service means families can benefit from BVH Kids and International Nanny’ 's combined expertise, offering one-to-one assistance covering all family-related areas!

This personalised and comprehensive guidance ensures parents have the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions and support their children in the most beneficial ways possible.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals are extensively experienced in the parenting field and are equipped with the skills and understanding to provide guidance about a wide range of concerns.

By embodying the motto ‘Tres Gradus Praemisit’, which translates to Three Steps Ahead, we are always on hand to remain ahead of the curve and keep your family life running smoothly.

With advice available on all the most important topics; from parenting, sleep training and routines, to education and psychology, we are always here for you.

This latest comprehensive package offers much-needed support for you and your family so that you can work your way through any niggles and spend your time doing what matters most – having quality family time together.

With a passion and commitment to ensuring families thrive, whilst making the parenting process a little easier, we are always on hand. We offer a safe and supportive space, where parents can ask questions, get advice, and access crucial resources so that they can ensure a safe and nurturing environment to raise happy and healthy children.

A Comprehensive Solution

Parenting can be challenging, and so, during the times you may require additional support, we have created a comprehensive consultancy package to ease the journey through any difficult transitions.

Our professional and knowledgeable BVH and International Nanny team will provide you with relevant advice and practical strategies to help you navigate the various challenges of parenthood.

For a monthly investment of £700, you can gain the support of our team via a one-hour Zoom consultation, during which you can ask questions, and speak honestly about your situation, and we can work together to reach clarity

Access to our team of experts who provide practical, tailored solutions

One-hour consultation via Zoom

Detailed written report 24-48 hours post-consultation outlining the strategies and action plans as discussed

Ongoing 24-7 support via WhatsApp for 30 days to ensure successful strategy implementation and provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the process.

Guidance and support offered.

We offer advice on a wide range of issues including (but not limited to):

Sleep training

Implementing routines


Challenging behaviours

Healthy food habits

Potty training

Baby weaning


You are very welcome to contact us and learn more about how we can help you and your family. Offering round-the-clock availability, and quick situation assessments and solutions to ensure your family can move forward in the best way.

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