Mentorship Services for Professional Nannies

Supporting experienced childcare providers to reach their full potential

As an experienced nanny, there can come a time when you need some extra support. Whether this is professionally or personally, it is crucial that you have the right people to turn to when you are seeking a helping hand.

That is where International Nanny comes in. Partnering with BVH Kids consultancy, we offer personalised and tailored mentoring services to nannies who are ready to take the next step in their career, are looking for guidance in their latest role, or have specific challenges they need help with.

Working with a reliable, credible agency that can provide the answers and mentorship that will help you move forward is very important. This is something we already provide to all of the nannies we place around the world as part of the recruitment and follow-up process.

However, by combining BVH Kids and International Nanny’s expertise, our latest offering is a one-to-one mentoring service covering all nanny-related areas – offering a mentoring programme for those nannies who have not yet been placed by us and need more guidance! This is ideal for nannies wanting to focus on a subject-specific aspect of their career and require person-to-person support to do just that.

What we offer:

Our mentorship offering provides an in-depth, one-to-one supportive approach and is ideal for anybody keen to invest in themselves and their career.

BVH Kids is the creation of clinical psychologist, family and childcare expert, and PhD-educated Brenda Vazquez- Heredia. Brenda has extensive experience in children’s wellbeing, familial relationships and working with high- profile, international nannies. Thanks to this knowledge she is ideally placed to provide sound advice, timely guidance, and empathic mentoring support.

Our passion and skill for childcare, and knowledge of the nannying world makes us adept at helping nannying professionals from a range of backgrounds, nationalities, ages, and circumstances.

Nannies looking to invest in their career, and progress in their personal and professional development – this mentorship service is for you.

Whether you want to begin nannying for a high-profile family, and are seeking the right fit, are interested in learning about rota roles, or have already begun to do so and have some questions about the best approach, we can help. We can[{{type}} Annotation] support nannies with timings, the logistics of working in a foreign country, relocation, accommodation, and allowances, alongside offering support to those experiencing job dissatisfaction.

Whatever the issue, we can offer advice, support and information that will help you understand your situation, feel heard and become practically and emotionally ready for your next step. When these questions, confusion or worries surface, it is important to know that there is a professional, knowledgeable voice who understands the nannying world, and who is there to help.

We have worked with individuals around the world, with all types of families, especially high-profile ones. With so much nannying know-how and professional wisdom in the field, you are in safe hands here.

Mentorship Service Specifics

1. One to One support

This service is ideal for childcare providers wanting to level up in their profession and need that one-to-one support, seeking personalised feedback and mentorship about their situation.

Our BVH Kids and International Nanny team offer tailored mentoring, counselling and support services through phone and messaging services, so that you can gain resolution and clarity.

For an investment of £150 per month, you can talk things through for one hour about any topic.

You can divide the hour into two half an hour consultations

The hour should be used within one month

A prompt response time of 24-48 hours, answering and addressing concerns and queries in a timely manner

Advice and support services are mainly delivered through Whatsapp or via phone call, to ensure that someone is available to help wherever you are in the world

30 day follow-up service through Whatsapp, offering ongoing support and guidance

2. Guidance and support offered

We offer advice on a wide range of issues including (but not limited to):

Nannying for high-profile families

Contract queries

Salary negotiations

NDA concerns

Navigating difficult situations

Healthy personal and professional life balance


Safety concerns

Health and wellness at work

Professional development

Leaving a role

Working abroad

We are here for you. Reach out today for your confidential support.

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