Navigating Visas for International Nannies 

At International Nanny, we take pride in connecting premium families with outstanding nannies worldwide. As an agency specialising in international placements, we understand the complexities of visas and work permits. In this blog post, we will provide valuable insights into the visa process, explain our approach to work visa sponsorship, and shed light on the workings of legal visas for nannies.

Visas and Our Approach

When it comes to visas, it’s essential to clarify our stance on work visa sponsorship. At International Nanny, we do not sponsor work visas for nannies. This decision is rooted in the intricate legal requirements and complexities involved in sponsoring foreign workers. Hence, we understand that sponsorship is a tedious and arduous task that families are not willing to endure, and, to avoid any frustrations, we are clear from the beginning about the challenges posed. In this regard, we focus on candidates who can legally work in the destination. This means that the nanny already has a passport for the destination or work permit that is accepted in the country of work.

Understanding Legal Visas for Nannies

Securing a legal visa is a crucial step for nannies planning to work internationally. While specific visa requirements vary across countries, there are two common types of visas for nannies:

  1. Tourist Visa: A tourist visa allows nannies to accompany families on short-term trips. However, it generally does not permit employment. Complying with the regulations of each destination country is essential to avoid any legal issues.
  2. Work Visa: A work visa is the key to legal employment for nannies in a foreign country. The availability and requirements for work visas depend on the immigration policies of each country. Typically, it is the responsibility of the employing family to initiate and navigate the work visa application process. 

Supporting Families and Nannies

Although we do not sponsor work visas, International Nanny remains dedicated to assisting families and nannies throughout the recruitment and contract process. Our role revolves around providing guidance, resources, and expert advice to both parties involved. We help families understand the necessary steps for legally hiring an international nanny, ensuring compliance with local immigration laws.

Specific destinations are easier than others when granting visas and, hence, nannies need to understand the location of the job offers they can apply for. 

Gaining international nanny qualifications

Gaining an internationally recognised or well-established qualification, such as the course provided by the International Nanny Institute, will equip you with the knowledge and know-how to develop and grow in your nanny career, but it will not grant you work permits where you are not legally allowed to work. 

International Nanny is an ethical company, and we believe in transparency and honesty.  Whereas our motto is to help nannies find the best families, we also want to communicate the country-specific limitations one can face.