Engage Kids with Food: Fun Grape and Toothpick Activity!

Spark Appetites and Creativity with a Simple and Enjoyable Project

We’ve heard it one too many times: don’t play with your food! However, some kids need the motivation to get their appetite going! That’s why we’ve discovered a fun and engaging activity for you to try out. All you need are some grapes and toothpicks, and you’re ready for an exciting adventure!


  • Bowl of Grapes
  • Box of Toothpicks
Fun Grape and Toothpick Activity!


  1. Adult supervision is a must, so keep your eyes on your precious little ones! Those toothpicks can be sharp! 
  1. Start with one piece of grape. Stick the toothpick in and grab the next grape to connect!
  1. Keep connecting until you have built a figure! You can create stick houses, atomic models, or random polygons that are interesting! The sky’s the limit when it comes to your creativity!

Post Activity:

  • Were the kids able to enjoy the activity? Inquire with them why the activity is fun and if it helped them want to eat fruits more.
  • While creating your masterpieces, discuss with your young one the benefits of grapes. Use simple statements like, “Grapes make your heart healthier, so you can love mommy and daddy more!” or “Eating grapes make your eyes clearer, so you can see colours better!”
  • Allow the kids to enjoy creating figures with the grapes and toothpicks! Make sure to provide positive feedback! If at one point they get frustrated, do not hesitate to lend a hand and show them how to do things better!
Engage Kids with Food: Fun Grape and Toothpick Activity!

Let the kids dive into the activity and have a blast creating figures using grapes and toothpicks. Encourage their creativity and talk about the benefits of grapes along the way. The post-activity discussion can provide insights into how enjoyable the activity was and if it helped increase their interest in eating fruits. Remember to offer positive feedback and support, guiding them through any moments of frustration.

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