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Zaida Rodrigo Pérez

Founder, International Nanny

I started International Nanny because of my deep love for children and education. This passion was further realised when I became a mother and I was able to see first-hand how beautiful it is to nurture and care for your child.
However, I also became aware that, no matter how much we want to be with our young ones all the time, there will be moments when we have to work or fulfil other responsibilities. Whereas finding a nanny can be a relatively easy task, hiring someone who is trustworthy and perfectly suited to your family can prove more challenging.
This is when I decided that I truly wanted to help families find the best childcare possible for their children.

I am Spanish born, educated to both Spanish and English University level, I hold a PhD in Management and have been lecturing and researching since 2002 at an international level. As a lifelong learner, passionate about the psychology of children’s development and wellbeing I am certified in positive discipline and have completed a dual Master’s degree in Child & Adolescent Psychology and Emotional Intelligence.

International Nanny is a two-tier, two-phased business model. The first part of our mission is to find the best nanny for every family. We consider every family’s individual background and introduce them with someone who has a similar orientation. After all, we believe that a good connection begins with ease of communication and good understanding.
The parallel segment to the business is to improve the working conditions and skills of nannies. In regards to further developing nanny education, we created the International Nanny Academy which has a growing number of courses to enhance competences and raise the professional standards of the nanny industry. This training programme also aims to grant families with a sense of security and peace of mind when entrusting their children to an informed childcare professional.
Who would have thought that this vision would become a reality? Originally, our goal was to help families find safe, suitable childcare, because we understand how important and critical the decision can be, but ultimately, we realised that through raising the profile of a nanny, we are also helping the nannies themselves as well as the children who are being cared for. This story isn’t just about our success; International Nanny is all about the continued advancement of the children, caregivers, families and communities we serve. Thank you, for putting your trust in us.
Bringing carefully selected, multilingual professional nannies, governesses, and maternity nurses to your family.

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