Passport To Trusted Childcare Ethical Declaration

International nanny is a premium ethical nanny agency. Our main values are:care, respect and responsibility. At international nanny we value every individual and advocate for dignity and excellence.

Our actions are led by our ethical commitments and, at international nanny, we : Support families

Day-to-day activities within a family can be very tasking. New parents often find these new changes challenging. We, at International Nanny, want to make this transition a smooth process for every family that requests our services. International Nanny helps provide parents (both old and new) with professional nannies who will integrate seamlessly with the family, and assist to reduce the workload of the parents. We facilitate the process of engagement from end-to-end between the parents and the nannies.


Whereas anyone could work as a domestic childcare provider, the job of a professional nanny requires special skills and it also carries an enormous responsibility. Nannies are individuals that parents entrust the care of young children with. Safety and well being of the children in the care of a annyn is of utmost importance. Awareness(of self, kids and environment) is an essential attribute for a nanny.International Nanny does not compromise on these important skills to guarantee the safety and well being of children, and therefore, we ensure our nannies are rewarded fairly by earning a commensurate pay, which would ensure they are committed to their tasks and will do their job with pride and enthusiasm. We also promote a healthy environment for the nannies where they can do their jobs effectively and with dignity.


We love to strike a balance for both recipients of our services(parents and nannies). Different families have different demands and options. We do not run a one-size fits-all system. In turn,international nanny runs a unique and recruitment system where we match-make the right nannies with the right families. We take time to gather relevant information and we get to know the families, as well as the nannies. We value each individual .In other words, we make both parents’ and nannies’ lives less cumbersome and leave our clients and nannies satisfied.


It is highly imperative to ensure that there is a good understanding between the nanny and the family in order to create a comfortable working atmosphere, where both can render and receive valuable contributions to one another. Nannies should be adequately and affordably remunerated by the families. Families should hon our contracts, respect time to rest and paid holidays. In turn, families should not be overburdened with the nannies’ necessities and over bearance, so much that it impacts negatively on both the family’s finances and quality of life. International Nanny encourages and facilitates an atmosphere where employers and nannies can express themselves freely and respectfully.

Support Systems


International nanny is easily accessible and contactable, through our various platforms, to families who require any form of support before, during or after we have our nannies working with them. We provide personalized support during the recruitment, when making an offer and we continue supporting our families with any advice and guidance ongoing. We also work with discretion and confidentiality.


At international nanny we work to raise standards. Our nannies get access to us for any questions or updates. We want our nannies to feel safe, happy, valued and secure. We provide nannies with employment information and guide them through all the legal requirements needed. At international nanny, we have developed the International Nanny Academy to raise standards and empower nannies with skills and abilities for their career.


At International Nanny, we provide and equip our nannies with professional nanny training. We identify gaps that could inhibit the nannies from performing optimally at the job and ensure this is properly addressed before they are deployed for the job. At our international nanny academy, we have developed three different accredited certificates and other short courses to boost your career. To find out more, visit us on https://www.international-nanny.academy/