Activity Time: Unicorn Finger-Puppets

Unicorns are mythical creatures that our children easily fall in love with. They are majestic and colorful as depicted in story books, coloring magazines, and even children’s websites. In today’s project, we will teach you how you and your kids can create easy but creative Unicorn Puppets!  

Photo Credit: S & S Worldwide


  • white heavy cardstock
  • silver cardstock
  • 3/4-inch circle punch
  • small googly eyes
  • multi-colored yarn
  • hole puncher
  • markers
  • scissors
  • tacky glue
  • glue stick


1. Cut out the unicorn’s body, neck, head, and two ears from the white heavy cardstock. Out of the silver cardstock, you can also start cutting out the unicorn’s horn. If a silver cardstock is not available, you can paint what’s left of the white cardstock with a glittery silver poster paint.

2. Punch four 3/4-inch holes in the bottom of the unicorn body with a circle punch. These will serve as the puppet holes for your fingers.

3. Glue the unicorn head and neck onto the body. Then glue on your ears and unicorn horn.

Photo Credit: The Art Crafty Things blog

4. Cut several small pieces of multi-colored yarn. Put a line of tacky glue along the back of the unicorn neck and right at the top of the head and glue on all of your yarn pieces.

5. Punch out a hole at the end of the unicorn body with a hole puncher to attach the tail. Cut a strand of yarn, probably about a foot long. Fold the piece of yarn in half. Thread the folded end of the yarn up through the tail hole so that you’ll have a loop. Thread the other end of the yarn through the loop and pull it closed tightly around the tail hole. Cut off any excess yarn at the end of the tail.

6. Finish your playful unicorn puppets by gluing on a googly eye and using your pink marker to draw a nostril and mouth on your unicorn.

7. Place four fingers into the holes on the bottom of the unicorn’s body and make it gallop its way to different places!

Post Activity:

  • It is always important to practice safety whenever we are using sharp art supplies such as scissors and punchers. Guide your kids in handling them properly and with utmost care. The same goes with materials that can cause poisoning such as ink, glue, coloring materials, glitters, etc.
  • It would be fun to discuss some tales about unicorns as you are going through this project. Sparking a child’s imagination is always a good way to develop their creativity

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