Activity Time – Paper Bag Monsters

Halloween is such a good time for the whole family, not only for the kids! It’s a time made for fun, candy, and, of course, arts and crafts! It’s just too bad this festive celebration only happens once a year! And by that, you know what this means? We should make the most out of it!!!

For today’s Activity Time, we will teach you a simple project that aims to enhance the children’s imagination and creativity. Have you seen a Paper Bag Monster before?



  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • Colored paper
  • Markers
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Scissors (normal and the ones used in scrapbooks)
  • Glue
  • Circle punches (for the eyes)



  1. Color the front and bottom parts of the paper bag with the hue of your choice. Be adventurous and explore bright different colors! After painting them, open the bag to avoid it from sticking as it dries.


  1. Create your monster’s eyes, nose, ears, teeth, and skin pattern using the variation of materials available. For example, you can use the circle punches for the eyes, dimples, and liver spots (if you decide on giving them to your monster!



Post Activity:

  • The kids must have had fun making unique monster faces! Ask them which is their favorite creation or which are they most proud of and why.


  • What are their thoughts about Halloween? Is it a fun occasion when they get to do silly projects like this? Or is there something in the tradition that scares them.


  • Suggest that they name the paper bag monsters and ask the story behind the name. Do they have characteristics? What do they sound like? This item further enhances a child’s creativity so you have to play along with them!


  • Did the children participate in the clean up? If not, what was their reason behind it?


This activity guarantees you and the kids a fun, extended time to explore your creativity. Encourage the children further by praising their work—this never fails!


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