5 Things to Take Care of While Hiring a Nanny

Today hiring a nanny to take care of the kids has become common. With both working parents, someone has to stay in the house to look after the children. Hiring a nanny is especially crucial for nuclear families as they don’t have grandparents to look after the children. So you should ensure that the person who will stay with your children can take good care and is right for the job in all aspects. Here are five things to remember while hiring a nanny.

1. Hire through trustworthy reference:

Most of the time, it is hard to find a reliable nanny, and so people rely on their friends for recommendations. However, this is not possible for every parent. Hence, in this case, you can go to a nanny agency that has a good reputation. They will help you get a nanny according to your needs and even create a contract to govern the terms of service. This will make sure your kids are in good hands, and you can work without any worry.

2. Ask the right questions:

While hiring a nanny, you should keep in mind to ask all job-related queries. This will help you decide whether the person is right for the job or not. You can ask questions like are they ready to take flexible working shifts as a nanny. Other than this, you can ask about their experience and give them a different situation to know their way of working. Along with this, you can also ask if they are ready to take other responsibilities, such as cleaning or cooking.

3. Check the educational background:

Hiring an educated nanny is very important as your children will spend most of their time with them. If the Nanny is well-educated, she can help your children with homework as well. Also, she will teach ethical values to your kid, which is essential at this stage. Hence you should consider the candidate’s education before hiring them for the job.

4. Do reference check:

You shouldn’t trust the Nanny entirely. You should check if the Nanny is telling the truth or not. Contact her previous supervisors and ask about the schedule, dates, duties, and age of the kids. This will help you match the information provided by the Nanny to the information given by past supervisors. Also, make sure you do at least two childcare related reference checks.

5. Do a trial before hiring:

If you are not sure the candidate and her abilities, it may be an excellent option to set up a trial day. This will help you observe her behavior towards the children and how she handles unexpected situations. You can even leave for a few hours and check how she works before hiring her full time.
It can be a complicated process to hire a nanny. However, you can consider asking the right questions, observing their behavior, and running background checks to make sure the candidate is trustworthy.

We at International Nanny conduct two thorough background checks. Along with that, we also do an extensive interview of the Nanny and hold a reference check. We also assist the parents when they conduct the interviews by preparing questions for them and staying present whenever needed in the meeting. This helps in ensuring that you select the best Nanny for your children.

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