5 Podcasts That Moms Can Listen To

Who here has a stack of parenting books that are unread and are just sitting on their shelf? Anyone here who is fond of reading the e-book version of parenting books which are only taking up space on your e-book reader? Does anyone here still have time to read a book or two after being a mom or a dad for the whole day? No one.

You know what you suit you? Podcasts. Regardless of whether you have 10 minutes or 60 minutes, you can tune in, snicker and learn while you travel to work, work out or do errands around the house. As the platitude goes, “Time is of the essence”, particularly to us parents.

Here are 5 podcasts that you can listen to while having your “me” time:

Little Sprigs

If you need to connect with your children and downplay struggles, the ground-breaking, smart Little Sprigs is the podcast for you. Topics incorporate how to quit utilizing bribes/rewards and punishment to motivate, how to bring up certain youngsters and the significance of self-care, with specialists and authors joining host Christian Perez to discuss careful, cognizant child parenting.


This podcast is hosted by Janet Lansbury, a parenting master and the writer of two books about children and babies. This podcast is a must for parents with small children.

You can listen to this if you need specific guidance for adapting to your baby. Janet addresses an audience’s parenting issue in every episode and it’s stunning to be able to go back to her past podcasts and find answers to the current issues that you have. Janet’s balance between respectful parenting and setting firm parental limits is what sets this podcast apart as it targets the majority of the audience.

The Boob Group

It’s nothing unexpected that The Boob Group is a podcast about breastfeeding. It originates from New Mommy Media, with lactation specialist Sunny Gault in charge. Every scene incorporates expert interviews, a board of mothers and specific objectives. Despite the fact that the accentuation is on breastfeeding, it’s comprehensive and nonjudgmental, with Gault trying out supporting all mothers, regardless of how they feed their infants.

The Mom Hour

Hosts Megan and Sarah have eight children between them, extending from preschool to adolescent. Their week after week podcasts intends to enable you to rest easy thinking about the mother you are today and to give you a touch of included certainty as you travel through parenthood by sharing their own tips and stories.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois are co-hosts who have extraordinary compatibility who discusses about their own parenting triumphs and flops in a legit, relatable, funny way. Listeners can ring in to get their very own parenting inquiries replied, and the visitor has appeared on the show to talk about specific points.

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